Hello friends and thanks for stopping by my site! I'm Daniella Avery and I'm from Keller, TX.

The idea for Avery Ever After Weddings came about after planning my own wedding actually! That's where the name comes from... #AveryEverAfter was our wedding hashtag!

I have a Bachelor's degree in communications, but after many people told me how great my wedding turned out, and some even asked me to help coordinate their wedding, I decided why not turn my career dreams into a reality! I mean, you only live once right?! I'm super organized, very extroverted, and pay close attention to detail, so this career was perfect for me! I also work as a Lead Coordinator for WILLOWEDDINGS as well as own and operate Avery Ever After Weddings. Let me know how I can help you & your future spouse bring your dream to life & have the best wedding day ever!

Daniella Avery

Owner & Wedding Coordinator

Meet Daniella

Meet Austin

My husband, my one and only, and the best dog dad ever. He is a born and raised Texan. Believe it or not, we met on TikTok! Austin loves to read, try fine wines, and spend time with his friends & family. He is also an event coordinator for our church! Can you tell we really love the event industry? Because of this, you will often see us as a duo on your wedding day! He has been told to be one of the most fun and friendly people and can help fix any problem that arises. He is an essential part to our team!

Austin Avery

Co-Owner & Coordinator